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Getting arrested for DUI can be an overwhelming and expensive experience, especially for individuals who have never been involved with legal issues before. First time DUI can carry penalties of up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.


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Robert Sargent is the best value Spokane DUI attorney with over 20 years of experience in criminal law and a job history that includes time as a Spokane county prosecutor. A good defense shouldn’t be a luxury that is only available to those who can afford it. Robert Sargent is dedicated to delivering the very best DUI defense at the absolute lowest price in Spokane. Years of experience as a criminal law prosecutor have given Robert Sargent a unique understanding of the criminal law process from both sides of the courtroom. You can benefit from this experience without being taken to the cleaners.

Many people think their best bet to get a good outcome is to hire the most expensive attorney available. Unfortunately, price doesn’t always indicate level of skill or increase the odds of a good outcome in court. Other Spokane DUI Attorneys can cost $5,000 or more. Understanding that this high price tag doesn’t typically provide a better outcome is key when getting the best defense for your dollar. Go with an affordable attorney, like myself, who is experienced and efficient.

QUESTIONS to ponder or discuss with an attorney when charged with DUI / DWI:

1. Can I drive?
2. What is an ORL?
3. What is the DUI sentencing Grid?
4. What if I REFUSED to take the Blow test / Breathalyzer test?
5. What if my case involved a blood draw?
6. What if my case is a Marijuana DUI?
7. Was I legally stopped?
8. How does a DUI effect my travels to Canada?
9. If I have a prior DUI, is it over 7 years ago?
10. What advantage is there to reducing the DUI charge to Reckless driving or Negligent driving?
11. When and how do I get a DIVERSION and when should i use this option?

Most of the time the $375 appeal fee from DOL letter is a waste of your money.

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If you are looking for an honest, experienced attorney, call me! Most DUI – $1500, Most misdemeanor cases – 4th assault, Driving with License Suspended, Domestic Violence $500. Restoration of Gun rights $500 plus filing fee.
Major Criminal cases – Call for consultation and evaluation

Will travel to other counties – Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Colfax etc.
Here are a couple examples of the 80 trials I have done:

“Driver in Fatal Crash is on Trial”

“Dixon Not Guilty in Kirk Death”

Feel free to check WSBA web sight. Bar #28091
If you have other matters, feel free to call me and we can see what needs to be done!!